Hosting Plans

How should you choose a hosting provider? There are two simple rules you'll want to follow when making this decision: 1) Avoid cheap offers & 2) Choose an established host.

If you look around a little, you will find tons of hosts offering incredibly low pricing, but is it really worth it? Simply put – if you want your website to run smoothly and not to have large periods of down-times, then no – it’s definitely not worth it.

Case Study

HostRoman received a call from a business person who was with a low cost hosting provider. This was a 40 person company in Morristown, NJ. The client said that their email & site were down for three days last week and down again since yesterday. He called in desperation and felt that his company was paralyzed without a site, but more importantly, email.

Within 30 minutes, our team had a new hosting account setup and we transferred their DNS (Domain Name Server) settings at their registrar to point to our servers and within an hour, their email and site were live again. The gratitude the client expressed made us realize why we do what we do. The servers on which your site and email reside are the backbone of your communication infrastructure. Are things that are cheap usually good? You know the answer to that question.

If you are in business, you need your site and email to be live.If you ever experienced a situation like the one above, we can help. Please feel free to call us to discuss.


Speed Matters

The New York Times article below articulates why quality web hosting is imperative for business clients. The speed with which your website loads is of the utmost importance when a visitor navigates your website. There are several factors that show a company's reputation. Testimonials and portfolio are two timeless examples. Presently, Google Rank, for your specified keyword sets, and the speed with which your site loads and navigates prove to your visitor that you are an established company, thus resulting in trust and decreased buyer's resistance.

The time between clicks on a website is usually due to the hosting environment, not the internet bandwidth. The speed of page loads on your site can mean the difference between a user trusting your organization or not. That is on the consumer end, on the admin side, our goal for our Web 2.0 application hosting, e.g. eCommerce Stores, Wordpress Sites, etc., is for the admin user to be able to experience the same speed through a browser, when they update their site, as when they are on their local machine. Our in-house slogan is, "As Fast As You Can Think". Heavily shared hosting companies are notorious for high loads and slow admin sections, again, think about it, if it is cheap, is it usually good? When a user is on a heavily shared environment, a one minute operation, e.g. posting a new blog post, may take 5 minutes because their site is "loading". This simply does not happen on our servers.

We invest in the best servers (currently, massive 24 core servers with 64GB or ram and terabytes of hard drive space), bandwidth and redundant energy possible, to make sure our client's websites are at the peak of website hosting technology. The end result, a pleasant web experience for your end user, resulting in more sales, and you, getting your digital job done effortlessly.

Please click here to read this interesting New York Times article to learn more.


Hosting over Thousands of Email Addresses

HostRoman is proud to host thousands of email addresses for clients around the world. Our team works hard on developing and maintaining industrial grade systems, ensuring that we can offer blazing fast and reliable email services. We are proud that our clients choose us and refer their friends.

What is the Relationship Approach?

At HostRoman, our entire goal is to empower our clients with the digital tools to run their business. How many times have you had a credit card expiration date or card number change and didn't update it with one of your vendors? With hosting, it happens all the time. Our team at HostRoman think before taking action on disabling services for our clients. We know that if your website and email go down, that it greatly affects your business. We don't just shut you down, we call you, until we speak with you, and hear about what you want to do with your site and services. This is our relationship approach.


HostRoman has been around since 2005 and has a reputation of being fast, reliable and a very customer-friendly. We offer ample bandwidth and disk space. All of our hosting plans offer unparalleled support and reliability.

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Website Hosting Home Plan

Meant for a basic website or home based businesses. A perfect solution for one who does not need dynamic applications but wants the best in website hosting.

Website Hosting Business Plan

This plan is created for businesses who need reliable hosting for their growing digital needs on a single domain. This includes all of our dynamic application hosting for eCommerce, blogs, forums, mailing list tools, etc.

Website Hosting Enterprise Plan
Starting at $49.95/mo

Meant for high traffic, enterprise level websites. This hosting plan includes all of the services in our business package. Additional domain names are $15 each to cover updates and your SSL. As the traffic grows on your site(s), we scale your hosting plan to meet your increased requirements.

Our Key Features

Security >>
HostRoman has a dedicated team of security professionals watching the network at all times.
Scalability >>
HostRoman is able to upgrade your system or even upgrade to another system at a moments notice in case you foresee a significant traffic increase.
Availability >>
Our network has a 99.9% uptime and is running smoothly so users & clients can get to your site.
Performance >>
HostRoman monitors our network of servers to ensure that we have low server loads and only use the newest, high performance, 16 core servers where performance is guaranteed.
Reliability >>
HostRoman's network and servers are reliable. All of our servers are hosted in climate controlled co-locations and have redundant, backup power supplies, weekly backups and other fail-safes.


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